Atlas for Mariners

How to get help to use the Atlas for Mariners application  ?

    1. A help which is built-in the application: click on the Search tool   then choose the [Help] tab.
    2. Clic on an item in the Help page to view | hide the corresponding content.

    How to write a waypoint or a route from the application into a navigation software, GPS or plotter ?

    1. Make sure the setting of coordinates units are the same for this application and for your navigation device (default is Degrees Minutes).
    2. Point to a placemark on the map or search for a placemark in the table of contents then click to display the coordinates of this mark.
    3. Add a new mark in your navigation device,  type the coordinates and validate.
    Better importing a .gpx file to avoid typing errors and unit errors.

    How to import multiple waypoints or routes into OpenCPN using a .gpx file ?

    1. Click on the [Route & Mark Manager] tool in OpenCPN.
    2. Clic on [Import GPX...] button.
    3. Select the .gpx file that you have downloaded into the Downloads folder then click on [Open] button.
    Imported marks are added to existing marks so they can be modified. See hereafter to import in a separated layer.

    How to import marks from a .gpx file into a OpenCPN layer ?

    1. Copy or move the .gpx file that you have downloaded from the Downloads folder to the Layers folder of OpenCPN (C:\ProgramData\opencpn\Layers in Windows).
    2. Restart OpenCPN.
    By importing points and routes from a .gpx file into a layer, the imported marks are isolated from others marks and they cannot be modified.